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Evadress Coquette Blouse Ca 1928

28 Oct

Me-Made March 15

An older picture* of the same Evadress B20-53 Ladies’ Coquette Blouse, circa 1928; I love the really crisp criss-cross of the ties, at least when they are laying right.

I did have to improvise on this one though, I must admit, and I am not at all certain I got it right. Now I love Evadress patterns, company, Alexandra, her blog, everything, and don’t want to sound like a big cranky pants about any of the above- but I struggled with the instructions on the neck tie portion on this one to the degree that the blouse sat around unfinished and stared at for months. Then I moved from Minneapolis to Fargo and the actual instructions got lost in the move, so I just had to make it up anyway.

Evadress Coquette 1928 Blouse

I noticed on Pattern Review that I wasn’t the only one doing a little improvisation though- I think most people interpreted instructions that the tie would be cut singly and folded- which matches fashion illustration better- but I did mine cut double and sewn together- which matched the cutting layout and pattern shape (diagonal ends). Ditto for the neck-attaching instructions, which had been so generously translated from original French by Alexandra. For whatever reason I just wasn’t tracking them. I didn’t understand how much of the tie portion should attach to the neck portion, if that makes sense. So I probably left them too swingy and wobbly.

Hillary working the Coquetry with eponymous Evadress blouse: lapped seaming detail visible here

But really in the end, I love the blouse- I finally finished it in I think December or something, when I finally got up and sewing again after my move last year. I remember I wore it layered with all sorts of crazy things all winter because I thought it was the bee’s knees and couldn’t wait til Spring to wear it! I am hoping to make a variation of it very soon out of wool jersey, a quickie version that foregoes the cute but time-consuming lapped inset details on front and back.

*Shown with trousers from Evadress SE30-1210 4-Piece Tuxedo Ensemble, circa 1933, which is one of my very favorite Evadress patterns ever, and about which I have only the very nicest things to say. I made some little modernizations of fit and wear like invisible side zip and raised the crotch seam, but otherwise it’s just perfect!