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More about rust Ginger

28 Oct


Supposed to be snapping more current image of the skirt but attention keeps lingering on the newly-arrived but long-cherished Victrola record cabinet (record player and baffling bulb and tube circuitry intact and and working-ish… ironically the place I lived for the last 11 years in MPLS was  3 blocks from a place that specialized in rehabbing the works of these things) this month inherited. I used to love playing 45s on it in the corner of my grandma’s rec room when I was a kid, she had these great old sets of Peter and the Wolf, with all the instruments doing the different animals, and Sparky’s Magic Piano, great fun.

So about the skirt. Clever seamstress eyes will of course detect the stress lines around the hips/waist area. I’m kind of too blinded by love of the skirt to be too bothered by it, and being a fall skirt it’s usually too covered by layers to be visible, but I’m also not entirely sure what happened. I used the exact modifications I used on my mustard Ginger, but this one has always fit just a little strangely through the hip, so I clearly did *something* differently.

I’m guessing it’s that it’s a melange of mystery synthetic fibers; I think I must have really shrunk the hip area while trying to ease in the waist or something. Either that or a strange cutting error. In any case, I’m not really sure what to take from this. Truth be told, I really hate working with synthetics generally just because they scare me to death for mostly this reason- so much mystery in what to expect, how to [pre]treat them, will I be able to get a halfway decent press (which is such an oddly satisfying part of the whole deal to me and so sadly lacking with these)? Give me wool any day. If I had to choose just one fiber to work with and wear for the rest of my life: wool, hands down! It’s true- I’d much rather invest my time and labor thoroughly preshrinking to know where I stand later. Too much I don’t understand about behavior of synthetics.

Both from my fall palette for the challenge @Coletterie


Colette Ginger and Evadress 20s tie-neck blouse

28 Oct

9-26-27-11 01

Outtake on the rust tweed Colette Ginger, because notorious Fargo wind patterns causing interesting updraft (I’m standing on a kind of ledge or pylon with gap behind) and oddly triangular skirt shape. It does however show another perspective on how the outfit was supposed to look, with the wind catching the skirt instead of the blouse.

If I were to write the Great Fargo Novel, various winds would be main characters. I grew up in Bismarck which is another 200 miles further west and certainly even drier there and quite windy, but nothing like the blow-your-brain-out-your-ears windy it is here. I think because there are actually mature trees and variable surface topography there, so you don’t feel it the way you do here, where most of the trees are just along the river and it’s crazy-prehistoric-lakebed-flat-flat-flat, nothing at all to stop that wind. Anyone who does the Minneapolis to Seattle drive complains about the North Dakota leg because it’s so hard to stay awake, it’s just a straight shot across perfectly flat prairie or farmland terrain, the highway is for the most part like it was laid out with a straight edge directly across 3/4 of the state, and with about 70% less traffic than most of the rest of the country. All that flatness, the wind just comes roaring over it.