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The Cape crush: Mode Pratique 6 October 1928

28 Oct


Currently turning this one over in my brain, love the look, but a cape with a 6-inch gap in the front totally not even worth the time to make in my climate, even though I had myself talked into doing that for a day or two anyway, and had sketches of haircloth shoulder structure and neck straps to keep the thing afloat.  But once those Fargo nothing-to-stop-em-since-the-Rockies-700miles-away winds start kicking in, the reality of Open-Fronted Outerwear really sinks in as very funny hahahaha.  Especially something with built-in Toss Back And Look Saucy scarf, which would look silly layered with five other fluffy knits under.

So, now what to do to best preserve the look?  Toggles too prep school?  Hidden zip too playground?  Maybe some subtle vintage leather buckles?   I have some large coat buttons that coordinate well enough with my fabric, but together they bring  the whole thing into the 60s to me and I can no longer really visualize and enjoy the full Fall 1928 glamour of the original, so I kind of lose interest in the entire project.   Does anyone else have funny association-quirks like that to share that factor in their sewing?  Or other brilliant ideas for the scarf-cape?

BTW this one is featured in Mode Pratique of 6 Oct 1928 of which I have a copy, but it’s just the above illustration and a little article about capes in their big winter outerwear spread.  The pattern itself is in Mode Illustree in traceable form 11 Nov 1928 as far as I can make out, although I haven’t made much effort to get my hands on that one since it seems a pretty straightforward draft even for draft-dodging me.