Color swatching, memory transposing

29 Jan

Funny how the memory works. [Non-sewing] Work took most of energy and attention this week but at least on a subconscious level, brain is still fretting about things like lining options for mystery project, etc. Different images, inspirations, color schemes, etc. dancing at the edge of my subconscious, notes in margins, or spools being pulled out and put down for future reconsideration when I get a minute later. In random-association of ideas, somewhere I remembered the above picture. But I remembered it in different coloration, and had transposed a couple of decades. Can you believe I ever found it? Poking in the wrong parts of art site fruitlessly then two minutes on Google images, d’oh! Really much more lovely than I remembered and worth sharing, although it really has nothing to do with anything, except gorgeous coloration, and the kind of details you can just absolutely get lost in.

Anyway… back to my mundane little lining. With a big dream project like this one, I do care that the lining is going to be attractive. Magical color combination is pretty much what I’m going for, and I haven’t found that perfect combination of shades that really sing to me.

The body color challenge, you see is this:

Rich, delicious as the pimenton itself. Hard to find color combinations that don’t read as seasonal or faddy to my eyes, but it’s a fun process.

I’m pondering unusual fabrics too, for lining. Anyone have experience with this? Sleeves of course a very slippy traditional lining of some kind, but the sides and back, wondering about stepping out. Smooth silk-cotton shirting from stash? Crazy luxurious wool suiting from SR Harris in Minneapolis that takes award for my longest-stashed piece of fabric- 1990s! It’s one of those very high thread counts I picked up with coupon deal at that palace of wool suitings, then went back to school and fell out of sewing for about a decade. I suppose it would be way too impossibly static-y, but I’m kind of in love with the idea anyway. I get that way this time of year, can I just wear wool from the skin out please? Why do I need any other fiber?

Oh especially after seeing this; like I needed anything more to feel bad about clothing-wise. I noticed rayon wasn’t super high on the baddie list though, and that’s got to be good news, right?


2 Responses to “Color swatching, memory transposing”

  1. Magpie Mimi January 29, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    I love the picture, it’s very similar to a very large poster I have in my bedroom of an absinthe advertisement, same era. That article about the synthetic fibres getting into the food chain is very scary! I’ll be a cotton, silk and wool girl from now on! I do mostly sew with these but have to confess to using synthetic linings in skirts. Good luck on finding the right shade of fabric! Have you thought of using Spoonflower?

  2. Scruffybadger January 31, 2012 at 3:00 am #

    Hi Hillary! I’m thrilled you visited and left your website because I’d not managed to track you down from those me made months on Flickr! But love your makes so am following now. Pimenton is such an amazing deep colour- gorgeous. I’d like to see what you find to capture it!

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