Speaking of styling Licorice for winter

13 Nov

Licorice in layers

Colette Licorice in linen with Grandma's Vogue 4180

I saw this post at the Coletterie on styling Licorice for winter and realized I had something to say on the subject too; the picture is not the best, but it is my linen Licorice layered with vintage Japanese wool wrap belt (just rectangle belt with skirt hooks and side ruching), and Vogue 4180 made by my grandmother for my mother circa 1960. ❤

Must take good pictures now of Licorice and Taffy to share!


One Response to “Speaking of styling Licorice for winter”


  1. Speaking of Styling Licorice for Winter, Redux: in which you can actually see the DRESS! « Atelier Fargo - November 20, 2011

    […] little blog from all over the planet looking for content about Licorice, and me with just the one Licorice-obscuring picture.  So, to correct this oversight, the lovely Licorice* and I are back with some snaps in which the […]

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